Monday, 12 February 2018

Live for today !

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There are times when life seems to be a dark shade of grey,
Your problems seem overwhelming & your nerves begin to fray,
The expedition you’re on, seems to be in total disarray,
And instead of being the hunter, you feel more like the

Don’t get caught up in slander, nor gossip or hearsay,
Don’t dwell your mind on bad things that others have to say,
Don’t think about disaster or believe the worlds in decay,
Else you’ll continue your slide down that hellish slipway.

Don’t waste time or dwell on the regrets of yesterday,
Or walk around as if you have some broken vertebrae,
No one has burdens than GODS scale cannot weigh,
HE’LL never give you challenges if it would lead you astray.

Believe in the wonders brought forth with each new day,Feel refreshed so as to tackle whatever comes your way,
Be joyous and happy as you climb on life’s Golden Highway,

Don’t fear tomorrow, plan if you must, but live for today!

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